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Mountaineering and climbing on the Hochkönig

High alpine altitude fever

The Hochkönig is one of the most impressive alpine massifs. It has captured the imagination of climbers and mountaineers alike for decades with its imposing height of 2,943 m. Divided into different sectors, the mountain features mountain walls and fixed rope routes of various levels of difficulty that invite you to, quite literally, an uplifting mountaineering and climbing on the Hochkönig. Special reward after a completed tour: the breathtakingly beautiful alpine panorama.

Legendary reputation

Ranging from totally easy to the highest level of difficultly that even makes pros sweat, climbing and mountaineering on the Hochkönig is a true challenge, yet, maybe because of it, a true delight. The climbing and mountain sport paradise has long since been mentioned in the same breath as similarly legendary regions, its reputation preceding the Hochkönig far across the borders. Trained guides lead you to the most interesting spots.

Unhurried climbing

Climbing on the Hochkönig is neat, but there are equally attractive alternatives. The forest rope course Natrun is just as ideal for adrenaline junkies, families with children and slightly nervous beginners. Bouldering at the climbing hall LIVINGROOM Hochkönig allows you to perfectly attune yourself to alpine conditions and to learn the art of climbing under supervision.

You need to follow the mountain’s call quickly. The climbing hotel Sonnhof Mühlbach is already looking forward toyour holiday enquiry.