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Fat bike meets Hochkönig am Natrun

Fatbike trifft hochkönig am natrun

Fat bike meets Hochkönig am Natrun

There are so many great ways to enjoy a winter holiday on the Hochkönig in all its facets, whether on the slopes or in one of the many alternatives. Fat biking is still a marginal phenomenon in Austria, but is finally finding its way around the summit of emotions. Would you like to hear the snow crunch under your tires? Fatbike and Hochkönig meet at Natrun!

This is how fat biking works

Can’t imagine anything under this term? This sport is still comparatively young in our latitudes, even if its roots go back to the 80s, when a fast means of transport was sought in Alaska. The bikes have extra wide tires that are inflated at a lower pressure and offer a little damping and springing. The wide contact area and the lower weight mean that you don’t sink as easily in the snow, while the grip on steeper climbs and in curves is surprisingly good. The only thing that takes some getting used to is the somewhat sluggish steering, so you should approach the latter a little slower and more carefully, especially at first.

Off to the peak of emotions

Above all, fat biking puts you in a good mood, because who normally races over the snow on a two-wheeler? Try this discipline to your heart’s content on the Natrun. Bike Guide Max introduces you to this action-packed world every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. The [email protected] starts, then the fat bike is unpacked on the Hochkönig – more information, contact details and prices can be found at .

In Salzburg, the fat bike is becoming more and more popular and so the tours on the Natrun are always booked out very quickly. Our tip: first secure your room at the Sonnhof in a relaxed manner and then book the ultimate snow fun right away!

Copyright photo: Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH

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