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Your Hochkönig Hotel Sonnhof with Finnish sauna

Spa sessions with stone pine charm

Sauna sessions on the Hochkönig, healthy sweat and proper relaxation – sounds like just the thing for you? The Sonnhof is the place to be: Our hotel with Finnish sauna at the Hochkönig invites you to experience pleasant relaxation in all seasons. Aromatic infusions release toxins from your body and give fresh energy for summer and winter adventures in the region. Spa sessions with stone pine charm await you!

A Finnish tradition

Have you ever been to Finland? Houses without their own sauna are unimaginable in the far north. The sauna culture matured there over several centuries to a veritable art form. Long ago, even children were born in the sauna, which used to be the cleanest and most sterile room in the entire house. Today, there are several different types of sauna in Finland, the smoke sauna being without doubt the most popular type. Scented oils, which are rather liked here, are a matter of debate in the north. Some regions rely on them, others turn away in disgust.

The stone pine sauna

Our hotel with sauna relies on high-grade native stone pinewood. But what makes it so special? The stone pine tree is becoming more and more popular due to its use for furnishings. Beds, furniture, even spa facilities are made from this natural resource. Pinewood is very resistant, has high resin content and many essential oils. The pleasant fragrance not only calms down, but also has an antibacterial effect in the sauna thereby ensuring a holistic wellbeing .

Sweat yourself healthy in our hotel with wellness area and stone pine charm – we are looking forward to yournon-binding holiday enquiry!