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Hotel Sonnhof with infrared cabin on the Hochkönig

Sweat and relax

Enjoyable sauna sessions and maximum relaxation– spa highlights are what the Sonnhof is all about. Our hotel with infrared sauna at the Hochkönig invites you to a pleasant treatment with infrared heat. Its diverse effect alleviates various ailments, provides precious relaxation and at the same time gives strength for new adventures. But what is infrared heat all about?

How do infrared cabins work?

In contrast to the sauna, which heats the body through the high cabin temperature, infrared cabin uses infrared rays, which are separated from the wall heating elements. The real warmth isn’t necessarily generated in the cabin, which usually heats up to just 60 °C, but directly in the body.

Where infrared warmth can help

The infrared cabins in your hotel with spa at the Hochkönig have various effects and promote both the restorative and healing powers of the body. Infrared warmth can be used for:

  • Chronic headache and tension, such as rheumatism, muscle aches, headaches, and arthritis
  • Ear, nose and throat ailments, such as inflammation of the middle ear or the sinuses
  • Improvement of pulmonary function in case of respiratory illness
  • Better skin when suffering from cellulite or acne

Please note that infrared heat doesn’t replace a doctor’s visit – in case of severe and sudden afflictions please immediately contact a medical professional!

Treat yourself in our hotel with sauna and request a non-binding holiday offer!